Infertility by Krystal Murphy, M.D. Twenty years ago, infertility was a very taboo subject. It was not something you discussed with your friends, and in some cases, even your family. Even today, infertility is a subject that many women do not discuss openly. For many women, the ability to bear children is an important aspect […]


Osteoporosis by Dr. Raymond Martinez One very important aspect of Women’s Health is bone health. Having a healthy bone structure is vital for women of all ages. Calcium and Vitamin D intake is essential to maintaining strong bones. Weight-bearing activity can also help keep bones and the surrounding muscles strong. As women age, some changes […]

Smoking during Pregnancy – It is possible to quit smoking!

Smoking during Pregnancy – It is possible to quit smoking! by Dr. Antonio Chavez At ProCare Women’s Clinic, we want your pregnancy to be as healthy as possible. A healthy pregnancy includes good diet, exercise and staying away from things that can be harmful to your body. This includes tobacco use. Everyone knows that smoking […]