Busy life? Single Site Robotic Surgery can get you back to your life quickly.

As seen in the Odessa American “Medical Matters”. by Dr. Avelino Garcia Life moves pretty quickly and the thought of not being able to perform your normal daily activities due to a gynecological surgery can be daunting. There is no need for worry! There is a technique known as “Single Site” that is available with […]

Singing the Blues

Singing the Blues by Dr. Krystal Murphy Postpartum Blues or Baby Blues is a form of mild depression that generally starts 2-3 days after the birth of a child and should be taken very seriously.  Sometimes the signs are subtle, but the effects it can have on the new family are very real. Although lack […]

Eating for Two?

Eating for Two? by Dr. Avelino Garcia (As seen in the Odessa American “Medical Matters”.) Good nutrition is vital for a healthy pregnancy. Between fatigue and pregnancy cravings, it can seem difficult to keep healthy eating habits. Planning healthy meals and staying physically active can help. Eating five or six small meals daily, rather than […]